1 Simple Exercise That Will Move You Closer to Your True Purpose

Do you feel like your day (or life) has absolutely no meaning? Are you just going through the motions? You wake up, go to work, cook dinner, watch some T.V., fall asleep, and do it all over again – day after day. Perhaps you have been on autopilot so long that you didn’t even realize your life has taken this route. You just figure that this is the way life is. 

After I made the commitment to align my life with my priorities, my daily actions no longer depended on my daily pressures. I had (and still have) a purpose that dictates my life. When you take the time to prioritize what is most important in your life, you are taking the first step in identifying where your time, energy, and focus is most important.

I have broken this down to make it as simple as possible. (This has been adapted from the book “Miracle Morning.”) 

Step 1: Arrange these areas of life in order from most important to least important. Be sure to arrange them in the order of what you WANT your life to follow … not the way you are prioritizing them in your life right now. 

  1. Career (current or future)
  2. Family 
  3. Romantic Relationships
  4. Personal Growth (spiritual, mental, emotional)
  5. Leisure (social)
  6. Everyday Task Management (organizing, managing household duties, etc.)
  7. Health (diet and exercise) 

Step 2: Look a closer look at your top 3 priorities. Think about how much time you are currently spending on these areas. 

Step 3: Using your list of top 3 priorities, look at each one and make one weekly goal that aligns your time and energy with this priority. If necessary, actually plan out when and how you will invest in this area. The more detailed – the better. You want to make this foolproof. I actually schedule the activity in my planner to ensure I make time. 

Step 4: Work to meet your three goals during the week. Be sure to stick with your priority areas. If something comes up in your week that is serving as a distraction, remind yourself that you are forming positive habits that will impact your life. 

Step 5: At the end of the week, take inventory on your goal completion. Is there anything you can do to support your efforts? Do you feel you need to change one of your priorities? 

Step 6: Continue with your previous goals, or make changes to your list. Then, start back at step four.

Here is an example of my current priorities and weekly goals: 

1. Family

  • Goal: Call a family member 3x a week. 

2. Personal Growth

  • Goal: Meditate for 40 minutes daily.


  • Continue reading my marriage book for 20 minutes daily. Implement what I have learned about my relationship. 

This may seem like a trivial exercise, but I want you to stop and think about the last time you took the time to really align your daily activities with your purpose. I know I personally would find an excuse or a distraction to keep me from making these priorities into daily habits!You are amazing!

Please reach out via the comments or in a message with any feedback you have after completing this exercise!

Jocelyn Soliz is an educator, certified Yoga teacher for adults and children, and a mother to a feisty toddler. Read Jocelyn’s inspiring comeback story, “Medicated to Meditated.” Feel free to send Jocelyn a message here

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