I am so excited to announce that I have a special project in the works! I have been teaching children’s yoga lessons that focus on dreaming big, confidence, and compassion. I will be offering a 6-class pass of recorded yoga lessons for children ages 7-10. The launch is set for March 6, 2021!

Social Emotional Learning Read-Alouds!

As a teacher, I know the impact a great book can have on our children’s lives! That is why I created interactive read alouds that focus on mindfulness, big emotions, and coping skills! (All books are read with the permission of the authors and can be purchased on Amazon.)

Mindful Moments!

I have created a collection of mindful moments that provide a moment to focus attention and be present in the current moment. Do you have a mindful moment you would like me to create? Just ask and I will do my best to add it to my playlist!

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