My dream is to provide a space for mental and emotional learning. My hopes have been to open a mindfulness studio where I can host workshops and retreats led by passionate teachers who promote compassion and inner peace. I was inspired to live a happier life in a space like this in Washington, and I am forever grateful.

Until the time comes where I can start my own physical community, I will make THIS my community. I will post exercises and teachings that have been passed on to me from a wonderful assortment of teachers. I will also be reaching out to guest bloggers to add some flavor to this community.

Please be sure to check out the “why” behind this blog right HERE! Next, take action on transforming your life into something you deserve by clicking on the posts below!

1 Simple Exercise That Will Move You Closer to Your True Purpose

Do you feel like your day (or life) has absolutely no meaning? Are you just going through the motions? You wake up, go to work, cook dinner, watch some T.V., fall asleep, and do it all over again – day after day. Perhaps you have been on autopilot so long that you didn’t even realize…

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